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What a plant-based diet did for my Endometriosis pain

photo credit Imagine this, sitting down watching television and the pain just hits you, you go from one minute of peace to another of a stabbing pain that shoots you like a bullet. You cannot move, you cannot scream, you can’t even breathe. It lasts for a few seconds up to a couple of minutes,

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Creating your first Vegan grocery list

photo credit Oftentimes I get asked questions about my new lifestyle, I’m sure other vegans are quite familiar with the curiosity they receive from others. Many questions are relatively positive coming from others who want to make the switch to a plant based or vegan lifestyle but just aren’t sure where to begin. Well let

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When you’re the only Vegan at the barbecue

photo credit I thought I’d introduce myself by saying first and foremost I am a baby “vegan” or in other words I am living a plant based lifestyle. It is all new to me, quite the adjustment I suppose but I am hanging in there. Since it is the summer I thought, well why not

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