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Introverts have a unique operating system.

We don't think like everyone else...
We don't act like everyone else...
And we need a fitness system that fits us
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Hi, I'm Alykhan. I'm an introvert and the founder of I started Fitrovert to teach introverts how to get fit on their own terms.


The Three Fitness Systems for Introverts

System 1: Weight Management

Introverts cannot sustain an eating plan that provides insufficient physical energy while sapping their mental energy.  This is an honest, effective and simple system that utilizes personalized numbers and food preferences to achieve your desired weight without miserable crash dieting or rebound fat gain.  To read more, click here...

System 2: Exercise

We don't believe in the idea of "No pain, no gain".  Physical activity should be fun.  So should working towards your fitness goals.  Once you have mastered System 1, the pressure of getting lean will be removed from your exercise routine so you can focus on making it enjoyable and sustainable.  To read more, click here.

System 3: Mental Health

Taking care of our physical health is not enough.  In a world of nonstop hustle, preserving our mental health and sanity has never been more important.  Introverts can get overwhelmed easily and must learn how to live life confidently on their own terms in today's fast-paced, high-pressure environment.  To read more, click here.

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